The Colour Source provides
12-tone personal colour analysis
in the Sci\ART system

Services include -

  • Full colour draping
  • Make-up and style advice
  • Personal shopping
  • Colour consultancy for interior design projects

What is Personal Colour Analysis?

Personal colour analysis allows us to identify the colour space (or 'season') in which the light energy reflected as colour vibrates in tune with the individual. The colours we wear and with which we surround ourselves create unique energy patterns that affect us. Understanding your own colouring can help you to look and feel your best!

Studio The Colour Source
colour studio

The 12 tone Sci\ART system is based upon the Munsell Colour Space, which maps the visual spectrum according to the three properties of colour - hue, value and chroma. I believe this to be the most accurate method available when used correctly. Sci\ART was developed by artist and Master Munsell Colourist Kathryn Kalisz, and today her methodology is passed on by a handful of her original students, including my teacher Nikki Bogardus.